I was surfing the internet and ran across the website. My husband served for 5 years and I thought it would be a great gift as he never goes anywhere without Rex. Super easy to order. My husband was almost in tears when he opened it. Thank you so much! Susan, TX

I purchased a vest for my emotional support best friend and was amazed at the patches and quality of material. Now I look at her every day and appreciate my time serving in the Navy. Clarey, LA

Our family decided to purchase our nephew a vest with his military patches for his service dog. We knew some of the units, but your team was super helpful with reviewing his military units and assisting in the design. Tracy, KS

How do I even start? I served in the Army for over 20 years and always thought the idea of my best friend (Major) would look awesome in a vest with military patches. It’s hard to even describe the other veterans that approach me and ask about his vest which leads to conversations about different units and duties while serving. Incredible way to unite veterans. Tom, WI

Truly a blessing to know a company like Veteran Best Friend exists. My best friend loves her vest. God bless. Charlie, AZ

Thanks for creating such a great option for veterans to honor their service and sacrifices after serving our nation. Having opportunities myself it always puts a smile on my face when I look at Megan’s vest and remember the great times while serving. Glenda, AL

What does one say for a chance to make a difference in someone’s life? I worked closely on the design for a vest with VBF concerning my sisters service dog Al. She loves the vest and always is a conversation concerning her service. Michael, GA

Hello, I wanted to let you know that my vest arrived yesterday and was super excited to put it on my friend Willie. He loved it!! Took him to the park and was asked multiple times about the military and what an awesome vest. Willie defiantly is the talk around here. Hoooah! Tim, FL

My buddies vest is incredible. It’s like he went to drill and ceremony when I put it on. He walks around with his head high. Thanks guys. Terri, TN

Having a service dog and served in the Marines, I wanted to be different with my vest. I receive a ton of compliments and always reminds me of where I came from. Elizabeth, CO